How to Improve the Most by Learning Chinese with Video Lessons


Learning a foreign language via online video lessons isn’t a new concept nowadays, but it is a new way of learning habit for people who are used to learn in a classroom setting.


Many people still give it the benefit of the doubt on the effectiveness of learning Mandarin through online videos. So I took an experiment myself by learning German about 8 months ago.


I started my online video lessons with a teacher from Taiwan who can speak very good German and explain the grammar very well. (We all know that German has very complicated grammar compare. Lol…)

I felt struggled for the first 2-3 months since I was very new to this language ( Just like my students are very new to Mandarin). And I started with an old-fashioned way- learning pronunciation system first, then vocabulary and the rules of German.


I soon realized that understanding the rules of a language doesn’t mean I can speak a language. So I found a language exchange partner after watching my teacher’s video lessons for 4-5 months. I was lucky to find a professional language exchange partner. First, I asked him to correct my pronunciation of German; it took me about 2 months or so to make a real progress in my pronunciation. Then I tried to make some sentence on my own based on the vocabulary and grammatical structures I learned from my video lessons.

I asked my German teacher check the sentences I made approximately once a week, taking my notebook with me almost every day writing down sentences whenever came up to me. After I got the correction from my teachers, I use the sentences I made and practice with my LE partner.

I’ve never stop practicing with my LE partner no matter how tired I was after work, I still show up for our meeting once a week because I know I want to improve!

Now I’ve been working on this for about 5 months, and I can really feel my progress. I was super crappy with my pronunciation, and now I can have a basic conversation with my LE partner for more than 30 minutes.

My German level now is still in A1, I’m still reviewing my grammar and trying to practice how to use the rules I know to create more sentences for speaking better. I’m also planning on traveling in Germany for a month to really USE my German! J


Here is my conclusion and suggestions for you speaking from my own experiment for the past 8 months of studying!


1.     Learning through video lessons is NOT impossible; you just need to find a way for your improvement.

2.     The key of learning a foreign language are practicing, patience, and consistency.

3.     Learning the right grammatical structures and vocabulary is always good for having a good foundation of your study.

4.     Try to find a way to really use what you’ve learned.

5.     If you have any questions about learning, just ask your teacher!

6.     If you are ready to practice your speaking and listening, or need someone who can correct your pronunciation, find a native speaker who can help you with, and do it on a regular basis!


I know how it really feels like learning on your own with video lessons rather than a traditional classroom setting. Having the freedom of time and save the money, but on the other hand, it means you need more self-disciplined and guidance.

So here your guidance from me!

If you are our online video lesson student, you are more than welcome to send me the Chinese sentences you create, I would love to check it for you. And if you have any questions from our video lessons, feel free to email me your questions!

My email : (Katrina Lee)


Also, if you have trouble finding a LE partner, you can also email me. I can try ask my friends see if they are interested in doing LE with you (but I can’t promise I can find you one). J


I hope you have more idea of how to study or improve your Mandarin after reading this post. And I truly hope you have a joyful journey learning Chinese!


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