News on Our Course!!

Dear Students,

GREAT news! We are offering FREE Skype lessons for our online video students.

Here is how you are going to get the our free lessons.


Purchasing "4th Package" - 12-month course, 
will be granted 2 sessions of Skype lesson 
with teacher Katrina Lee. 
(1 hour for each Skype class session)

- Purchasing "3rd Package" - 6-month course, 

will be granted 1 session of Skype lesson with teacher Katrina Lee.
(1 hour for each Skype class session)

If you are eligible for our free Skype lesson and would like to arrange for that. Please mail me and we can arrange your lesson. Your free Skype lesson will be valid until the last day our your online video lesson.

For those who haven't tried our online video lessons, here is a little introduction for you ;)


SMART Mandarin online Chinese audio & video lessons.

- Learn Chinese 24/7

- Classes covering pronunciation, vocabulary practices, 
survival Mandarin, slang expressions and grammar.


- Mail any Chinese questions you have to us here (, we'll answer ASAP. You can also mail us the sentences you make you Chinese, let us check for you! :)

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"How to improve the most by learning Chinese with online videos"

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