Dear all,

I've finally launched this new vieo series - HSK 1 Vocabulary Lesson!!!!!

I'm so excited and can't wait to share this course with you guys!

I'm now still working on this course with more practical real-life content hoping to get to the level of Chinese you want and help you speak Mandarin more properly :) 


You’ll learn more than five Chinese vocabulary and know how to make sentences using them properly, at the same time, you also get some

listening comprehension training in every video lesson.👍🏻💪

We remain each lesson within 6-minute long so you won’t get too overwhelmed by learning.

Also we encourage all of my online students to
build up sentences

and mail me for corrections.☺️


The idea of this project is based on my experience of learning my foreign languages and to think from a students prospective.

So I believe it’s going to be super helpful to my online students.❤️

I'll also add up new videos to this course section regularly, so you'll

always have something new to learn.

Feel free to drop me a message here (

if you have any questions or suggestions!